The company ensures employees are adequately trained and instructed and are demonstrably competent to carry out their activities. To carry out any needed training to ensure any employees are adequately trained and instructed and are demonstrably competent to carry out their activities.  


We are committed to reducing any negative impact our business might have on the environment. We are aware of our 
environmental responsibility as an importer/supplier, we will continually review our business operations and implementing any beneficial initiatives. 

The company has both Turkish and English languages. This will ensure good communications between both Turkish
manufacturers and  Irish suppliers,  providing documents in both languages as required. We have established and documented clear levels of communication for suppliers, contractors, customers, food authorities and staff within the food safety quality management system. 

The company is dedicated to supplying safe products for consumption. As part of this commitment, all products and processes used in the manufacture of food products are subject to the application of a HACCP system.

We do this by establishing a link between the producer and the end-user, sourcing our range of quality products from quality Suppliers and Manufacturers that have been accredited certification to the BRC, ISO, IFS standards, with approved HACCP systems in place. 
This system enables us to ensure that all necessary controls are implemented, and are fully accessible to both comfrey Cottage and its customers. 

The management of product manufacturers, subcontractors and service providers is key to the management of product safety. A risk-based approach is used to ensure that products and services are only sourced from approved manufacturers, following agreed specifications, with a traceable and transparent supply chain. Consistent product safety is the responsibility of everyone within the company.